Prisoners’ Advice Service offers free legal advice and support to adult prisoners throughout England and Wales  regarding their human and legal rights, conditions of imprisonment and the application of Prison Law and the Prison Rules.

PAS responds to prisoners’ calls for help about their treatment in prison through our telephone Advice Line, Letters Clinics and legal Outreach Clinics inside prisons, as well as by, where appropriate, taking legal action on their behalf.  We also provide information within the prison sector.

Examples of issues PAS can advise upon include: parole, temporary release, indeterminate sentences, categorisation, adjudications, sentence calculation, licence and recall, discrimination, resettlement and healthcare matters.  We also provide advice on Family Law to female prisoners and on Immigration Law to prisoners with issues relating to detention or deportation.

We neither seek, nor accept, Home Office or Prison Service funding as this may jeopardise our independence.

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