How we do it

PAS offers information to prisoners, to those within the prison sector, and responds to Government Consultations.


Prisoners can contact us by telephone on our Advice Line, by letter or at one of our regular Outreach Clinics.

Telephone Advice Line

The PAS Telephone Advice Line is run by caseworkers three days a week. Our telephone numbers are globally cleared within all prisons throughout England and Wales.


020 7253 3323

Opening Times

Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
10:00-12:30 and 14:00-16:30

We operate an answer phone service at all other times.


Letters Clinics

PAS runs Letters Clinics for written enquiries.


Prisoners’ Advice Service
PO Box 46199
London EC1M 4XA

Please note:
1. In order to assist a prisoner, we need to be contacted by them directly before we can discuss matters with family members.
2. We are unable to deal with a matter which another solicitor is dealing with already.

Prisoners who are concerned about disclosing private details in mail to legal professionals are within their rights to write “Rule 39 applies” on the front of envelopes to legal advisers to ensure the letter is not opened by prison staff. Rule 39 is the Prison Rule which relates to confidential legal correspondence. It can only be used for letters directed to the courts or legal advisers.



PAS runs Outreach Clinics in legal advice and legal education inside prisons across England and Wales. The aim of these sessions is to provide information to prisoners as well as to empower them. Find out about our outreach clinics.



Prisoners’ Legal Rights Bulletin

We produce the quarterly Prisoners’ Legal Rights Bulletin, which shares information about key cases and changes in Prison Law. Learn more about the PLRB Bulletin.

Government Consultations

You can read our responses to a number of government consultations.