PAS Self Help Toolkits

In 2013, the cuts to Legal Aid significantly reduced the number of solicitors practising Prison Law.  In response to this – and with the vital support of The Legal Education Foundation – PAS created a range of Self Help Toolkits for prisoners to help them undertake some legal processes by themselves.  Easy-read versions of the kits are also available, aimed at those with low literacy levels, English as a second language or learning disabilities (see below).

Also below are four Family Law Guides, created in association with Rights of Women.  Publication of these guides was made possible with funding from BM Sir Halley Stewart Trust and The Wates Foundation.  Design (and printing of hard copies) made possible with the kind assistance of Mayer Brown.  

There are also two kits aimed at LGBT+ prisoners.  These were kindly supported by The Tudor Trust and The Paul Cottingham Trust.

  • The list of areas addressed by the Toolkits is as follows:

Category A Self Help Toolkit

Categorisation Self Help Toolkit

Closed and Banned Visits Self Help Toolkit

Governors’ Adjudications Self Help Toolkit

Home Detention Curfew Self Help Toolkit

Mother and Baby Units Self Help Toolkit

Parole Board Delay Self Help Toolkit

Pre-Tariff Review Self Help Toolkit

A Prisoner’s Guide to LGB Rights

A Prisoner’s Guide to Transgender Rights

Property Self Help Toolkit Part One

Property Self Help Toolkit Part Two

Release on Temporary Licence Self Help Toolkit

  • Easy-read versions available here:

Category A Review Easy-read

Categorisation Easy-read

Closed and Banned Visits Easy-read

Governor’s Adjudication Easy-read

Home Detention Curfew Easy-read

Mother and Baby Units Easy-read

Parole Board Delays Easy-read

Property Claims Easy-read

Release On Temporary License Easy-read

  • Family Law Guides (in association with Rights of Women):

Children and the Law: When Families Cannot Agree

Children and the Law: Parental Responsibility

Children and the Law: Adoption for Women Prisoners

Children and the Law: When Social Services are Involved