Emily Martin Runs PAS’ First London Marathon

PAS was pleased to play host to our marvellous marathon runner today, when Emily Martin visited our new London offices.

Looking none the worse for her remarkable deed, Emily confirmed that she had raised £2,980.00 in sponsorship for PAS, as well as signing over Gift Aid, which brought the total to £3,557.00!

Emily ran the course in five hours and 46 minutes on Sunday 23 April after training for the past three months. Having undergone a dental procedure in early January, her initial training had to be delayed, setting her back somewhat. She then suffered an injury in March while completing the Silverstone half marathon – because she was wearing old trainers that were a size and a half too small for her!

After a couple of weeks’ recovery (and the purchase of a new pair of trainers!), Emily was back training with three Doughty Street Chambers colleagues.

We’re so glad that Emily was able to complete this amazing feat and are most grateful that she chose PAS as its beneficiary.

Well done Emily!