By leaving a legacy to PAS, you will help us continue to provide free legal advice and representation to prisoners throughout England and Wales. It’s an important, but often overlooked, cause.

If you wish to remember PAS in your will, you can do so in the form of money, property or possessions. Your support will enable us to continue our essential work for future generations.

There are three types of legacies:

  • A pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money. There is not a minimum amount that can be left and this gift can be protected from inflation by linking it to the Retail Price Index.
  • A residuary legacy is a gift of the whole or a share of whatever remains of your estate after all other gifts have been distributed and any debts paid off.
  • A specific gift is a tangible item such as a house, car, or piece of jewellery.

PAS would always recommend that you obtain guidance from your lawyer if you are considering leaving a legacy gift to the organisation in your will.