Latest HM Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 Statistics Show Increase in Infections

HM Prison and Probation Service has released new COVID-19 statistics, showing an increase in infections in prisons up to 30 September 2020.

620 prisoners tested positive for COVID-19 in September, up from 550 in August.

A total of 316 prison service users have been released early from custody under COVID-19 temporary release schemes in England and Wales. Between March and September, 54 prisoners were released on compassionate grounds, while 262 were granted End of Custody Temporary Release. Both schemes have been championed by PAS.

There have been no deaths due to COVID-19 since May, when 10 deaths were recorded. The official number of deaths in prison since March is 45.

Read and download the Summary Tables, as well as the full document, here.