PAS Friend Launches New Book in support of Reading Charity

Frankie Owens, author of Little Book of Prison, upon which PAS advised, launches his new work, Why I Chase Comedians And Other Bipolar Tales in Portsmouth on Thursday 23rd June 2022 at the John Pounds Centre.

The book, “deals with the extremities of the bipolar condition — highs, lows, in-betweens — allowing readers to understand its overwhelming nature.

“Written in the style of his acclaimed Little Book of Prison, this new work follows a relapse when the author (founder of the Read and Grow Society and by now a respected, law-abiding exponent of Criminology and Literacy) finds himself back in prison following a manic episode.”

The event will be a celebration and will include wine tasting, live music, stand-up comedy and guest speakers.

Please RSVP to, and state whether you would like to attend in person or as a virtual guest.

All funds generated by the sales of the new book will be donated to the Read and Grow Society, which is committed to giving people the life long gift of literacy in as little as three months. Its motto is, “If you can Read you can GROW.”