Please Sponsor Us!

The London Legal Walk 2017 will be taking place on Monday 22nd May, and PAS is happy to say we have signed up a team to participate in the Walk. A huge thank you to our team of registered walkers including Anna Fairbank, Buffy Sharpe, Deborah Russo, Geof Jarvis, Kate Lill, Jessica Davies, Marte Johannessen, and Olivia Tattarletti for donating your time to walk for us! If you would like to volunteer to walk with PAS for the legal walk please contact us at 020 7253 3323 to sign up, the more the merrier! All funds donated will be put towards making sure everyone is receiving the legal advice they need while incarcerated, as this makes a huge difference to prisoners’ lives, combating discrimination and injustices within the Prison System.
We cannot do this without the support of generous donors, to whom we are extremely grateful. To make a donation to the PAS team in the London Legal Walk, please click here and aid our cause.