“It wasn’t until PAS got involved that my life was back on track”

This prisoner turned to PAS when he was incorrectly placed on category A following his father’s death:

“When I was going to go to the funeral, the police made out that I was going to have an escape plan at my dad’s funeral with an armed gang waiting for me. I wrote to PAS and a case worker named Nicki put together a letter asking why I had placed on category A.

“As Nicki was about to do a judicial review I was arrested on an offence and made to stay on category A for another 11 months. As soon as that offence was done with, Nicki got back on the case and had the category A changed to category B.

“The prison service said the police couldn’t substantiate any evidence that could be put to them about why I should be put in category A.

“I was recalled on that sentence and put on category A. PAS got involved again and I was changed to category B within three months. I sat a trial for a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice into my appeal against conviction, which has now been overturned. I believe this was made possible through the help of PAS and my solicitors.

“I believe I would’ve been on category A until the day I was released had it not been for PAS. It wasn’t until PAS got involved that my life was back on track again.”