Writing Within Walls

PAS was recently approached by Arkbound Foundation, whose aim is to help disadvantaged people by widening access to literature and improving diversity within the media industry, regarding a new writing project for prisoners and ex-prisoners, which the charity hopes could ultimately become a collection of stories with the title ‘Writing Within Walls’.

The foundation will utilise its own collective experience in mentoring, editing and working with prisoners to improve their literacy and writing skills with the aim of publishing the collection through its charity publishing arm, Arkbound.

The theme of the writing is open but the project is particularly looking for accounts that shed new perspectives on the justice system and rehabilitation, especially in terms of breaking down prejudice and misconceptions regarding prisoners and prison life.

For more information – and for those in the community or able to access ROTL – the link to the project is here.

To express an interest in taking part in the project, contact Serafina at serafina@arkfound.org, or write to

Arkbound Foundation
Backfields House
Upper York Street
Bristol BS2 8QJ